Chelsea McKay – Vice President

1.) What is your “why” for being a board member?

Honestly, God is why. I felt the pull from God to be a part of STH other than going on a missions trip. Although I didn’t think I had the right skills or knowledgeable enough to be a board member, God brought the right person in my life to be persistent and follow up with any answers to my questions.

2.) What do you enjoy about being a Strong Tower board member?

I’ve always seen myself as a behind the scenes “quiet” type person, the only difference with the board is I have to talk more. What’s even more great is that each board member brings something different and each time we get together you see each one’s spiritual gift and it makes it extra special.

3.) Do you have a favorite Strong Tower memory?

Fist Bump Boom! I smile every time because I didn’t think it would have become something bigger than just a greeting. During VBS week, I greeted a kid with fist bump boom and it became a game and every kid from then on just would come up to me with both fists, bump them with mine then yell “Boom!” I enjoyed seeing when they did it with each other.