“I dream of becoming a mechanical engineer. I love going to school because my parents don’t have much food at home, but the school does have food. I like my teacher and learn lots of good things from him.”
““I dream of becoming a doctor so that I can help people who are sick or hurt. I am thankful for school because my parents don’t have money to give me to buy snacks from the women selling them, but I get rice and beans for lunch every day. I am happy at school because I loves my friends and I want to learn.”
“I dream of becoming a nurse because nurses are kind and help people. School days are my favorite because I eat at school and my teacher teaches me to read and write.”
“I dream of becoming a doctor. I like to go to school because I do not have food at my house, but there is food at school. I enjoy school because I learn to read and to do mathematics.”
“I dream of becoming a teacher. I am glad school has started because the school gives me food to eat. I love playing with her friends at recess and learning new things.