As I lay awake thinking about the day’s events, remembering my God sightings, and anxiously awaiting the next morning’s beginning, I felt compelled to write how I viewed this VBS mission as a whole. I was inspired by the faith, laughter, and love of my fellow team members, the Haitian staff, and the children of Caracol…but my pen was guided by His hand. 



Early in the a.m.

excitement was born

clean were the bodies

with best dressings adorned


From concrete rooms 

and thatched walled huts

they skipped and ran

over rocks and ruts


Gathering in groups

both large and small

too many to count

estimates four-fifty in all


The anticipation was evident

as they laughed and sang

when the iron gate opened 

with a clank and a bang


Lined up in rows

by ages and hues

soon to file inside

to be packed in the pews


One by one 

each child entered 

in the word of God

soon they’d be mentored 


Games and verses 

arts and crafts

Bible stories and more

created such amazement and laughs 


Bread was then broken

one plate after the other 

served in His Name 

by both sister and brother


Once thirst was quenched

and all had been fed

to the old iron gate 

back they were led


Hugs were aplenty

and fond farewells heard

as the lambs of God left 

after learning His word


Some dashed to the left 

and several sprinted to the right 

spreading Christ’s love 

well into that night


Seeds had been sown 

and will eventually flower

so they too will someday speak

of His love and His power.